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Fundamentals of Healthcare Website Content

In this blog we will dive deep into one of the most important aspects of your practice website – the Service Pages.

Shruti Phadke

Shruti Phadke

Published On: June 12, 2021

Every medical website needs to have the top 5 pages – About page, Doctor’s page, Service pages, Contact page, and Patient testimonials page.

Today we will dive deep into one of the most important aspects of your practice website which plays a major role in connecting you with your patients and building trust with them – the Service Pages.

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What are service pages?

The service pages or treatment pages of your website present your core practice, reveal what you have to offer to your patients, and highlight how you stand out from the rest.

Your service page should provide a top-level overview of your service, factual information of the service as well as the unique value you have to offer for your patients. It helps them make an informed decision on whether or not you are the right choice for them.

When built correctly, service pages bring traffic to your website, help in building trust with your website visitors, and convert them into patients.

Now let’s discuss how to create service pages that will highlight your practice, offer value to your patients, and provide them with the best possible user experience.

How should service pages be?

To develop a good service page you need to explain the service/treatment to your patients in the best possible & simple way and accompany it with a visually attractive yet clean layout, and informative visuals.

How to write service pages?


Depending on the service you’re writing about, you need to figure out the best way to explain it. This could be through short sentences, long paragraphs, bullet point sections, and/or videos.

Simple language:

Convey factual and technical information in a simple and clear language like you would answer the patient’s questions during the consultation. So, patients understand, engage, trust your content and make an informed decision. Remember that you are not providing information about your services but solutions to the patient’s problems.


Credibility should never be compromised. Providing the right, factual information about all the aspects of the services that you offer is essential to build trust between you and your patients or even to gain new patients. So what can you do to establish credibility or increase credibility on your website? Simple things like mentioning that “this content is reviewed or provided by the doctor himself” or mentioning resources or references help to increase the credibility of the content.

Highlight your uniqueness:

Service pages are a good place to include all the relevant aspects your practice has to offer like – equipment, the expertise of the doctor, care provided by your staff – to highlight why the patient should choose you for that particular service. Also, emphasize how you understand your patient’s problems and how your services and what you have to offer are the solutions to the patient’s problems. This way, your service pages do not become one-way dialogue pages.


Give a top-level overview to introduce the topic to patients and to let them decide whether this is what they’re looking for. The opening is an important part to hook your readers; so, provide basic information at the beginning that will be easy to understand for them, will make them comfortable, and will push them to read more.

Incorporate FAQs:

Take your time to research FAQs on Google, note down the basic and frequent questions you get asked regarding your services and incorporate those in the page. Doing so will not only provide all the information for your patient in one place but also will help you incorporate important keywords with high search volume on your page. Which will help you boost your SEO and website ranking.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons:

Prompt your readers to take an action like booking a consultation with you or getting an offer on the service they are considering, at the end of the service page. After reading all the information, unique highlights of your practice they are more likely to click on those and get connected to you. Make these CTAs simple and attractive by making them obvious, necessary, and bold.

How to design service pages?

The content will engage your readers and help you gain their trust and eventually new patients. However, to attract new readers or patients in the first place, your service pages need to have simple layouts and need to be visually attractive.

Your website is your golden opportunity to increase your brand awareness and gain new patients. So it is essential to make it visually attractive yet convenient to browse. While designing the service pages, providing the best possible user experience to your patients should be your top-most priority.

Services Menu:

To make it convenient for patients, categorize the service pages into different sections on your website menu.

Clean Layout:

A simple and useful layout can be achieved by breaking down information into important chunks and providing it in bite-sized sections and logical flow. Every section of your page should be highlighted and given the importance that it demands, so people don’t have to struggle to find the necessary information and as a result, leave your website.

Additional Sections:

Simple additions such as quick links or indexes at the top are excellent ways to provide patients information quickly and help them navigate easily. Even though patients are here to research, nobody wants to waste their time unnecessarily. Adding a quick links section is a good way to ensure that readers know at the first glance what they will find on the page.


Visuals are a vital component of your services page. Adding visual elements like colorful pictures, informative slides, and animated short videos will make the content more engaging and help you keep your patients on the page for a longer period of time.

Not everybody is a keen reader and wants to go through lengthy textual pages. So for such people, informative visuals prove to be very useful and keep them on the page as well. Visual elements help bring more traffic to your website pages as well as increase engagement.

When writing medical content for your web page it is recommended you follow the E-A-T principle. Creating and marketing healthcare content based on the E-A-T Principle and its guidelines will help you create a trustworthy site and high-quality web pages with credible content. This will not only help you to increase brand awareness but also educate your patients and build trust with them.

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