Patient intake form

Intake Forms

Let patients fill the forms online from the comfort of their homes before their appointment with you, using Mktg.Doctor’s online patient intake forms

How it works


Automatically send patient forms to new patients via text or email


Every patient gets a unique, secure link to the online forms


Patients can fill out the form anytime, anywhere, and on any device


Data is saved in real-time so patients can pick up where they left off


Auto-sync patient data with your EHR/PMS

Learn more: Guide to Online Patient Intake Forms

Create all types of patient forms

Customize the forms your practice needs; including Patient Registrations for new patients and Medical History Forms for returning patients. Design new forms or use one from our templates. 

Create all types of patient forms

Make your front desk more efficient 

View all patient data on the Mktg.Doctor platform which automatically syncs to your EHR/PMS. There is no need for manual data entry, which saves time and reduces errors.

Fill forms anytime, anywhere

Give your patients the convenience to fill out the forms from their smartphones, tablets, or any other device, from wherever they are.

Patient intake form

Easily add patient details

With Mktg.Doctor Online Patient Forms, patients can upload photos of or scan their licenses and insurance cards, and the information will be automatically captured and added to your EHR or PMS. Plus, our online form signing feature allows patients to sign their forms electronically, making the process even faster and easier.

Easy review icon

Easy review

Review the filled forms and approve or send them back to the patient for rectification.

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HIPAA compliant

Mktg.Doctor’s online patient intake forms abide by the standards mentioned in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).