Lead Nurturing

Don't Let Your Patient Leads Fall Through The Cracks 

Keep them engaged and informed, with automated follow-up sequences via text and email.

How it works


Qualify your leads with an interactive questionnaire 


Send automated message sequence to nurture the leads


Auto-create task reminders for your staff to call up the leads


Track every lead's journey in real-time

Get high-quality patient leads

Be sure that the leads who convert are truly interested in getting the treatment with a comprehensive questionnaire.
Create your own questions or edit pre-designed questionnaires.

Lead nuturing followup sequence

Send relevant nurturing follow-up sequences

Based on the answers to the questionnaire, our platform determines at what stage every lead is in the patient journey, and recommends the best follow-up sequence. Whether the lead is still researching, looking for a second opinion, or considering getting the treatment immediately, each lead is contacted through multiple touchpoints like emails, SMS, and phone calls.

Ensure the success of your front desk

Use pre-written call scripts to ensure that a consistent message is delivered, whether they are speaking with a fresh contact or someone who has been contacted before.

See every lead's journey in our visual pipeline

Get an overview of each lead's progress and how they've interacted with your content in real-time. Our platform makes it easy to see where each lead is in their patient journey.

Get more appointments booked

By auto-triggering nurturing sequences, you can be sure that every lead is contacted in a timely manner and with relevant information. You'll be able to increase the number of leads who book an appointment with you, without having to constantly monitor your list.

Automatic Follow-Up Sent To Leads

book consultation emailappoinment booked

Leads Converted To Patients

Appointment calender bookings

Maximize conversions on your online ads using our lead nurturing process

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