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Leverage The Power Of One Inbox 

Stay on top of all your patient
Seamlessly engage with your patients via SMS, Email, Webchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and Google Questions from one platform.
Simply connect your website, email, and social channels and get started.

Use two-way messaging

Cut out the hassle of managing multiple apps with two-way messaging. Send and receive messages from your patients directly from the Mktg.Doctor Platform.


Automate your workflow 

With our automated messaging system, you can effectively manage patient communication with suggested responses and replies powered by bots.

Quickly access message templates

Easily send patients a link to your online patient form, patient satisfaction survey, or review request, and access templates for reminders, pre-appointment instructions, and more. 

Organize patient data 

Quickly save patient documents, insurance card photos, or any other patient information you receive via text or email. 
Automatically sync patient data with your EHR/PMS.