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How it Works

The tool connects your physical competitors based on proximity and overlays them with digital competitors based on online presence.

Your physical competitors are practices located next to you or near your practice.

Your digital competitors are practices that appear higher than you or next to you on Google search

What You Do

You simply have to give us your practice name and your specialty and the tool will generate the report in less than 30 seconds.

1. Find your practice

Start by entering the name of your practice and pick from the suggested options.

2. Confirm your practice details

The tool auto-fills information about your practice from Google. We ask you to just confirm it.

3. Enter your contact details

We just ask you for your basic contact details like your name, phone number, and email.

4. Verification

We send a verification code to your email/phone number. We send the report to you on your email address.

Accurate Results. Meaningful Data. Simple to Understand

What You Get

You’ll get a comprehensive report on your practice rankings and how you compare to your competitors.

Google Rankings

Your practice rankings on Google searches.

Local Search Rankings

Your practice rankings on local searches.

Top Pages

Top 10 pages of your practice website by rankings and traffic.

Website Audit

Your practice website technical and SEO audit.

Website Performance

Your practice website page load performance.

Competitors Rankings

Your score compared to up to 10 of your competitors. The score is calculated based on total ranked keywords and the average ranking of all your keywords.


Your online reputation on Google compared to your competitors.

Why Online Presence and Ranking is Important

Studies have shown that patients base their choice of the doctor more on the website’s ranking and social media presence, weighing it over the doctor’s education, skills, and experience.

People are associating the quality of service you provide and outcomes based on your presence on Google and social media.

See how you compare to other practices in your local market

Your practice is constantly competing with other practices in the local market.

About Mktg.Doctor

Mktg.Doctor is the only “patient-first” marketing platform for healthcare providers guaranteed to accelerate growth and help you build long-lasting patient relationships. 

Patients are increasingly showing more consumer-like behavior and healthcare needs to modernize to provide them with the best customer experience they deserve.

Healthcare practices can assure long-term sustained growth, in this ever-evolving digital world, only if they embrace cutting-edge digital technologies across all its processes such as patient acquisition, patient engagement, patient communications, and front desk operations.

We are a software company and we understand the challenges faced by medical practitioners and help them accelerate their growth by providing a best-in-class digital experience and top-notch customer service to their patients.

Powered by our unmatched products, 360° marketing strategies, proven processes, data-driven technology, hands-on marketing expertise, and full suite of services we get you results … fast.

About us

Mktg.Doctor leverages 360° marketing strategies, unmatched products, proven processes, data-driven technology, and hands-on marketing expertise to get you results…fast.

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