Book appointments online

Online Scheduling

Change the way patients book appointments with you. Send automated confirmations and reminders to patients.



A user-friendly and clutter-free tool

Our Online Scheduling calendar lets you plan your schedule months in advance, giving you enough foresight for making any future decisions.

Avoid handling no shows and last minute cancellations that waste your precious working hours.



Decide the dates when the clinic is open, add available time slots and even the form that a patient needs to fill out.



Navigate easily

The calendar is integrated on your website homepage. Patients can go back and forth in the online scheduling tool and can easily reschedule or cancel appointments via an auto generated email.



Mitigate double bookings

Integrate bookings done via phone or in-person visits. The calendar is your ultimate go-to tool for all appointments. You don’t need to maintain separate trackers for traditional bookings and online bookings. 

Integrate Appointments


Mktg.Doctor Work Life Balance
Work-Life Balance

TGIF! @ Mktg.Doctor

The idea behind our TGIF! was to have a day where we get to have fun together. A day where we don’t talk about work, but about each other. A Friday where we relax and rejuvenate as a team.
Our first TGIF! is one of the many initiatives we have in store for ensuring a perfect work-life balance for our team.

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