TGIF! @ Mktg.Doctor

TGIF! @ Mktg.Doctor

If there’s one thing that you should know about us, it’s this – We are a bunch of super hard-working people. It’s true, we are not bragging, it’s just a fact! We love what we do as individuals and as a team. We put in our 100% for every product and every client.

And all of this is great, it gets us the best results and makes our clients happy, but we actually aim for more. We also want to have a fantastic work-life balance and bond with our team-mates in a non-professional environment. So we asked ourselves how do we go about achieving this goal?

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As we brainstormed, our CEO Harshal came up with an amazing idea. He spoke about having a day where we come into work, but don’t work at all.
(Can you even imagine your boss saying this!)

So, we conceptualized our very first TGIF! (Thank God It’s Friday!) event. We decided to have a day full of activities and unwinding. Our chosen activities turned out to be a reflection of the child within us. We planned on starting off our TGIF with a company-wide carrom tournament and ending it with a round at Pune’s best bowling joint.

We spoke endlessly about how excited we were about TGIF and how much we were looking forward to our #noworkday.

Finally, it was Friday and even though the weather was gloomy our spirits soared high. We were ready for the carrom tournament. The tournament was mapped out it a way that all of us got a chance to play against each other. No team members were repeated and no opponents were repeated during the initial round of the tournament. We diligently kept scores but we mostly just hung out and had fun.

As the tournament progressed further, we had our semi-finalists – Harshal O, Aditya, Nehal and Harshal L. It was a fabulous game and everyone from the team cheered for the semi-finalists. The winners who made it to the finals were Harshal O and Aditya.

The final match was absolutely nail-biting. Both of them played well and the entire office kept cheering. At the end of this match, we had our first TGIF! carrom tournament champion Mr. Harshal O!

Work life balance at Mktg.Doctor
Finalists - Aditya and Harshal O

We then went on to the next event on our TGIF! agenda – Bowling. For a few of our team members, bowling was totally new. It was their first time at the bowling alley and they had a blast! We cheered every time one of us did well. We danced and sang, ate pizzas and kebabs, drank mojitos and beers.

TGIF! turned out to be a day of revelations for us. We found out that Nehal is a national level basketball player and Aditya is a professional model! We learnt about each other’s hobbies and hometowns and we learnt what we had in common. Through the day we gathered bits and pieces of information about each other and what made our colleagues happy. We shared stories and inside jokes. We laughed, talked and bonded as a team.

TGIF at Mktg.Doctor
First Row: (L-R) Aditya, Priyanka, Apoorva; Second Row (L-R) Harshal L, Nikita; Third Row (L-R) Anand, Harshal O, Nehal, Aarti and Tejashree

The idea behind our TGIF! was to have a day where we get to have fun together. A day where we don’t talk about work, but about each other. A Friday where we relax and rejuvenate as a team. Our first TGIF! is one of the many initiatives we have in store for ensuring a perfect work-life balance for our team. We believe that optimum productivity is a by-product of a good work-life balance. Like we said earlier, we don’t want to brag, but we are kind of an awesome company to work with.